Winn Dixie STEM Projects

Challenge:  Winn Dixie has a pathological fear of thunderstorms.  Create a structure that will keep Winn Dixie safe.  The home must be 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall using only materials provided.  The dog must be visible from the oustide of the house.  Each house will be tested by blowing air from a fan to evaluate the durabitlity.  The catch:  Students were given $100 play money and must purchase their supplies.

photo (11) photo (13) photo (15) photo (17) photo (19) photo (22)


Challenge Status:  Mission Accomplished!  All structures worked!

Pumpkin Book Reports

Information for the Pumpkin Book Reports came home on Monday.  Book Approval forms were due on Tuesday.  Book summaries and pumpkins are due on October 31st! 🙂  Please contact me if you have any questions.