Welcome back!

I hope you have been gearing up for third grade over the summer.  I am super excited to have you in my class.  I can’t wait to see you all at open house! 🙂


Thanks for a great year!  Have a great summer!  Send me a postcard or letter to the school to let me know how your summer is going.  See you in August! 🙂

SOL Dates and Art Show Winners

SOL Dates for 3rd Grade:

Thursday, May 7th: Reading Part 1

Friday, May 8th: Reading Part 2

Thursday, May 14th: Math Part 1

Friday, May 15th: Math Part 2


Congratulations to Sara, Chase, Marley for winning awards in our county art show on Friday! We are very proud of you!

Probability Game day!


We celebrated the end of our probability unit with game day! 🙂  Students brought in different games and used probability vocabulary to determine if the game was fair, the number different outcomes, etc.


This game was made by Joshua and his dad!
This game was made by Joshua and his dad!
photo 5
Tweegs and Carson!


photo 1 (1)
Kaylee made this game for us to play!


Color Run and Field Trip!!

Tomorrow is our first annual Grizzly Color Run!  All students will participate.  Please have your child wear a white shirt and comfy clothes as well as tennis shoes as we will be running a 3K around the school before our color blasting begins! 🙂

We are excited for our field trip on Wednesday.  Students need a ride to and from school that day.  Please have your child hear by 7:20am and please pick up your child between 4:10pm and 4:15pm.  You must sign your child out in his/her teacher’s classroom.  Your child must pack a bag lunch as well.  We are super pumped for this trip! 🙂

Secret Word: Easton

March Madness

I think March Madness is a good title for this blog post….It occurred to me today that we are finally able to go outside for RECESS for the first time since January!  Sorry for the muddy shoes that may be coming home but we are in need of Vitamin D from that sun today! 🙂


Benchmark Schedule for this week”

Reading: Monday


Writing: Tuesday

Math: Wednesday

Social Studies: Thursday

Science: Friday

Secret Word: Sunshine

Snow Week!

Hope everyone enjoyed the week off and got to play in the snow!  Here are a few updates:

Science Projects will be due on Monday, March 2!  If your child’s project is ready, they may bring it in and present early.  We are extending the deadline because quite a few students forgot papers at school and were unable to get supplies due to the weather!

Famous American Quiz is tomorrow! 🙂

Word Study words will be the same this week!

If your child is going on the field trip, you MUST pay in full OR pay the $18.00 by Thursday, February 26th!

3rd Nine Weeks benchmarks were scheduled for next week.  I will update you if this is changed due to the snow!

Cubes and Spheres and Cones….OH MY!


Today we learned about 3-dimensional shapes.  Students each created their own shape using toothpicks and gum drops and then competed in the shape challenge with their team!  The results were amazing!  Hope you enjoy checking out our fun day!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Secret Word: Candy

PS:  Thank you all for the amazing gifts and candy!  Also, a huge thank you to so many of the children who made cards for Easton as well! <3

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